Create a new tour

Creating a new tour/trip package is quite easy in the Yatra plugin. First, just navigate the Tour menu and go to add new and follow following steps:

Title: You can give your trip/tour title here.

Description: You can give a trip/tour description here. The tour introduction part goes here.

Tour Additional Parts:

Tour Options:

Price Per: This option lets you choose a group or person tour so that you can manage your pricing. If you choose a person from there pricing will be applied for whole tour but if you choose a group from there pricing will be applied as like this: total number of the person(Group Size) * tour price (discounted price if the discount applied).

Group Size: This option lets you input total number of people for each tour. Booking will work if someone input larger than this group size. But this field will help to calculate the total price for each booking.

Total Price( Regular ): Regular price is a normal price for a single tour, but it applied as a regular price if there is zero ( 0 ) or null on discounted price.

Tour Price ( Sales): This is a discounted price ( if available ) for a trip. If you put any amount here, the yatra will treat as a discounted price for that tour package and calculated with this price for all transactions.

Tour Duration Days: This is the total tour package duration days for one trip. And this is just a number of days. Eg: 10 or 11 or 15 etc.

Tour Duration Night: This is the total tour package duration night for one trip. And this is just a number of the night. Eg. 10 or 11 or 15 etc.

Country: This field is for the country for your tour package. If you plan to make multiple country tours then you can select more than one country from here.

Feature this tour: If you want to feature your tour on frontend feature widget or via shortcode then you need to check this option.


Attributes are the most powerful features of the Yatra WordPress plugin. You can add extra custom attributes for your single trip. Example: if you are making a trip package for mountain traveling then you might need to show height, temperature etc information to your website visitor. And this is really easy via custom attributes. Just make height and temperature custom attributes from attributes tab of the main menu under Tour menu and create new tour then go to attribute tab then add new attribute as follows:

Yatra tour attribute
Selected attributes and their values